The Withered Fortress

Session 6

Once again, Valen (Scott) has stepped up and written the notes for us!

I write in haste, using the few moments left us before our attack at the enemy’s underground gates. Much has happened since I last took up my log, please bear with me as I gather my thoughts.

We last camped in a cavern we had found beneath the necropolis. Still seeking a less guarded way into the goblin fortress, we chose to continue on in the hopes that these passages might connect with the foundations of the fortress.

In any case, we fear we have lost one of our companions. When we woke from our rest besides the subterranean lake, Morrykin was not with us. Using my meager skills as a tracker, I was able to determine that the camp had been approached in the night by some small bipedal creature, smaller than a human in any case. Morrykin’s tracks were visible, following the creature away, but I lost the trail in the nearby bone pile. We searched the cavern, but could find no further sign of our stealthy friend. He had taken his bedroll and gear, though he had left a small leather satchel we had found, with magical properties allowing heavy items to be carried within without much struggle. We found no further signs of him…

Session 5
Into the Underways

NOTE: This time the session notes were recorded by one of the players, Scott Ledet A.K.A. Valen. Many thanks, Scott!!

Excerpt from the journal of Valen deLarkin

Finally, a moment to rest! Although we take frequent enough breaks, we’ve been forced too, thanks in large part to the expediture of our magical energies in short but often fierce combat. Let’s see, where did I last leave off?

It was a few days back. The party had found themselves back at a grate that had been passed by previously, preparing to explore whatever was to be found below. After preparing the grate with oil to prevent it making much sound and possibly alerting the goblins known to inhabit the area, the grate was removed, revealing a dusty ladder leading into darkness.

Session 4
A bloody battle (or two?)


Jim: “Looking back (hindsight is 20/20), Edvar’s wisdom of 17 should have told him that drinking blood off the floor was a bad idea.”

The group began by reviewing the previous session’s activities and planning their next move. Wendyl hade made a careful map, which was most useful. Though previously the group had been leaning toward revisiting some areas they passed over then continuing onward through the necropolis, this was not quite what ensued…

Session 3
Into the Necropolis

NOTE: This session was played on a new digital gaming table! It uses a projector to display maps for our campaign. Here is a page that shows the table: Digital table page

Update: Tim has provided a digital version of the map he recorded during play. An excellent tool for players to review from last session! View it here: Tim’s map of the Necropolis so far

At the start of session 3, the party was looking over the corpse of the carrion crawler and discussing their next move. Mephyrion soon pointed out excitedly that there was an immobilized individual nearby! This turned out to be Valen, a druid who had penetrated quite far into the ruins before being overcome by the carrion crawler. The party bestowed some healing on Valen, and he joined them.

Session 2
Ruins on the mesa

Check out Tim’s excellent map of the ruins so far

The group resumed with a discussion about where best to head next. Eventually the grate/manhole was left while the party scouted further into the Southwest portion of the ruins.

The characters fanned out amongst crumbling walls and roofless rooms, finally coming to surround a door into a more stable looking sturcture. During this time, Edvar had a slight misstep, making noise enough to potentially alert goblins to their presence.

Session 1
The beginning

Check out these maps of Grey Mesa and the Northlands:

Grey Mesa

The Northlands

Pre-session background:

The campaign begins in a gnome settlement called Findleburrow. Findleburrow is as close to a city as gnome settlements get. It has a majority gnome population, with minorities of elves, satyrs, some dwarves, and other fey.

It is nestled against the Troll’s Brow mountains, in a wider region known informally as “The Northlands” by its inhabitants.

Throughout the history of Findleburrow, trolls have come down from the nearby mountains to raid and cause mayhem if they can. But the town is home to many ancient and powerful users of magic, as well as elite dwarf fighters and other defenses. For these reasons the town has been able to repel the trolls easily, until now.

The attacks have begun to increase in number, and have become more organized. The cause of this is unknown. Also, a theft has occurred which has weakened some aspect of Findleburrow’s defenses. Little is publicly known of the details of the theft.


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