Falyn Featherlight

Spellthief gnome-pixie


Falyn is small for a gnome, only 2’10” tall, with features more angular and slight than most gnomes. He has green eyes with skin that is tan bordering on ruddy. His hair is reddish-brown with orange and yellow highlights.

He is a dagger specialist spellthief, and uses daggers both for melee and ranged attacks whenever possible. He carries a sling for attacks at ranges beyond the usable range of daggers. He carries eight daggers in sheaths sewn into his studded leather armor. He currently has no magic items and nothing beyond the basic starting equipment of any first level spellthief.


Falyn is a gnome with a mysterious past. Falyn is currently a third level spellthief in the “Withered Fortress” campaign. His small size and sharp features, as well as his complexion and hair, all marked him as “different” when he was a young gnome. Blessed with extraordinary agility Falyn became fascinated with daggers and acrobatics. He met and befriended a local rogue who taught him many skills of the rogue classes. Falyn though has not (yet) broken any laws, although he maintains friendship with members of the local rogue’s guild.

Falyn and his rogue mentor were surprised to discover that Falyn manifested a natural affinity for magic, and also discovered that Falyn could “borrow” spells from others. This is a trait that Falyn has not been able to do much with so far, but he is eager to explore how much he can do with magic.

Falyn was recruited by the elders of Findleburrow to help solve the mystery of items of great value missing from the town, and he has traveled to the “Withered Fortress” to investigate.

UPDATE: Falyn’s “mysterious past” has been revealed in the “Withered Fortress” campaign. Falyn is the son of a female gnome and a male pixie, making Falyn a gnome-pixie hypbrid. Because of this he has a mix of gnome and pixie traits. The most interesting of which is the fact that Falyn has pixie wings, although because he is half-gnome, they are just barely not large or strong enough to grant him the ability to fly. They do provide some benefit to his ability to jump, climb or tumble though. What is relevant about this though is that if Falyn is somehow reduced to “tiny” size, his wings will enable him to fly because mass and volume decreases 8 times as fast as size.

As if to offset this though, Falyn’s body is unnaturally low in constitution and fortitude, and his half-fey body does not respond well to either normal or magical healing, allowing to heal only 1/2 as fast as a normal creature.

Normally Falyn keeps his wings folded and hidden underneath his clothes or armor.

Falyn Featherlight

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