Truth is what you perceive...


Morrykin could easily be described as your average, albeit slightly flashy, human. Easily able to blend in, whether in a crowd or shadow, and disappear as easily as he showed up. A traveler at home in any environment, as long as he can turn it to his advantage, and always looking for favorable situations in which to place himself. A hired hand for some, Morrykin does not come cheap without good reason for doing so, and caution to those who are required to pay little.

He is a scoundrel, skilled in the short sword, with a penchant for flare in most things he does. As deadly as he is convincing, Morrykin has a natural talent for getting himself out of trouble, one way or another.

STR DEX CON INT WIS CHA AC HP Fort Ref Will Init Speed
16 18 14 17 12 14 20 48 7 11 4 4 30

Rogue (4) / Swashbuckler (3)

Class features Feats/Tricks Languages Flaws
Sneak Attack +4d6 Two-Weapon Fighting Common Frail (-1 HP/Level)
Trapfinding Two-weapon Defense Elven Shaky (-2 to hit, ranged)
Weapon Finesse Dodge Dwarven
Evasion Quick Draw Orcish
Trap Sense +1 Deadly Defense
Grace +1 Hidden Blade
Insightful Strike
Shield of Blades +2
Uncanny Dodge


Magic Potions/Scrolls Miscellaneous
* Ring of Cure Light Wounds (1/day) * Potion, Cure Light Wounds (4) * Mithril Chain Shirt
* Ring of Nightmares * Potion, Cure Moderate Wounds (3) * Masterwork Thieves Tools
* Satchel Buckle – Weight Neutralization * Potion, Neutralize Poison (2) * Silent Shoes
* Cloak of Resistance +1 * Scroll, Identify (4) * Medium Spider Venom
* Olidammara’s Grace * Giant Wasp Poison
* Hat of Disguise * Black Lotus Extract (7)
* Everburning Torch


Weapon Att Bonus BAB Damage Critical Range Special
Masterwork Short Sword +5 6/1 1d6+6 19-20×2 - -
Masterwork Short Sword +5 6/1 1d6+6 19-20×2 - -
Olidamarra’s Grace +4 6/1 1d4+6 19-20×2 - +2/Poison
Dagger (4) 4/2 6/1 1d4+6 19-20×2 10 -
Light Crossbow +2 +6 1d8 x2 80 -


The Society of Seven is an intensely secretive organization rumored throughout the world, though no one outside the organization knows of its membership, rituals, or location. Headquartered in seven cities, led by seven faces, The Seven are known for aiding those in need, though favors done reap favors owed, and The Seven are highly effective debt collectors. The Seven live and die by the oaths they have taken, and the tenants they swore to uphold. Harm not the innocent – Always be discrete, for it is the better part of valor – Never compromise the brotherhood, whether by action or inaction.

They fight for peace; peace in all things, and are found where the scales of good and evil have been tipped too far and need righting. If known and needed they can be summoned, though the only known way to contact The Seven is for one to hide a letter at the foot of a statue of Olidammara in one of the seven cities and contact will be made by their terms, and their terms alone.


Morrykin grew up poor, raised by a farmer plagued with infertile crops. The family didn’t have much, to say the least, so his mother taught him the fine art of ‘borrowing’ so that the family would survive. He was sent so that if he got caught, which he rarely did, folks would be reluctant to hurt or deprive a starving child.

At the age of 9, the struggle became too much and his parents fell to ill health and passed shortly thereafter. He was taken in by a cleric and his wife. His new step-father was guilted by his brethren into adopting young Morrykin, and resented him for it. He was abusive to both Morrykin and his own wife, and often would remind Morrykin that he came from nothing and he would be nothing the rest of his life.

As he grew up, his step-father tried to force him to become a cleric because “the church would look down on him” if his son didn’t follow his line. Morrykin never cared much for this man’s religious pursuits, and wasn’t much for armor and direct combat, as he wasn’t able to take the physical abuse of training, much less real fighting. His step-father then tried to get him involved with the town guard as a watchman, but he didn’t have the patience to become a bowman. Meanwhile, he continued developing his shadowy skills, and came to learn the value of being keenly aware of his surroundings, and talking his way into, and out of just about anything. He became good at what he did, and caught the attention of the seedier elements in town and was given opportunities to develop his burgeoning talents.

Day by day, the abuse continued, both towards him, and towards his adoptive mother, and it wasn’t long before he came to hate the ‘old man’ and his sorry religion. In spite of the ‘old man’, Morrykin took up the worship of Olidammara, Lady Luck, and as soon as he was old enough, and had saved up enough money, he left the ‘old man’ and his wife, the woman who encouraged him to become what he was.

He journeyed to Dagger Falls, and was recruited into a guild of thieves there, and soon forgot about his troubled past, although it occasionally haunts him in the personal code he keeps. Because of his own past, and the fate of his adoptive mother, he carries a soft spot deep inside for helpless women and children, and he distrusts clerics of all kinds because of their holier than thou attitude.

Morrykin was hired by Falyn Featherlight of Findleburrow to investigate the theft of critical elements of Findleburrow’s defenses. Offered little in the way of monetary value, he accepted, though his reasons were far from pious. The elders of the Gnomish town sent Morrykin and his companions south to Grey Mesa, and Morrykin was gifted with a set of magic rings which made up for the lack of up-front compensation for risking his personal safety undertaking this undoubtedly dangerous task.

But he will still be owed a favor, and debts must always be repaid…


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